How to Ship Orders from Home

How to Ship Orders from Home


Shipping is a key part of your brand. It is important to plan a defined shipping strategy. If you want to learn how to ship orders from home, keep reading. This will be a step by step on how to create labels, pack and ship orders. 

 Step 1: Select the shipping courier & mailing service convenient to your brand.

You will need to choose whether you will ship your orders via USPS, UPS and FEDEX. This will depend on the cost to ship, the size and weight of your products.

Janae Royale Cartel use USPS allowing customers to choose between first class and priority mail shipping for both domestic and international order. 

Step 2: Packaging supplies

An order will need to be packed in a box, envelope, bubble or poly mailer to prevent damage and to hide the contents of the package. You can source free packaging from USPS or invest in branded or generic packaging.

I use bubble mailers to protect items from damages during shipping such as lashes and lipglosses. Polymailers to pack clothing and other soft materials that wont get damaged. Then boxes to pack bulkier and also fragile products such as purses,sunglasses, face shields and wholesale orders or large quantity orders. 

Step 3: Marketing supplies

Notice when you order from fashion nova or target you receive a business or thank you card with a coupon for your next purchase. This promotes and increase your chance of receiving a return customer. At Janae Royale Cartel two business cards, candy or a freebie and a thank you card with a coupon on it is included in each order.Your packaging as well as shipping experience helps you stand out in your market.


Step 4: Create shipping label

You will need a mail from address, this will also double as a return address. You can use your home address, P.O. box or a warehouse or shop location. If your website is linked to Shopify or Etsy you can automatically create your label through their site. Simply click on the order and click on create shipping label. You will need to weigh your package and input the weight and dimensions of package.

If your website doesn't have a built in system, Shipstation and Pirateship can be integrated to most websites hosts or input the information manually.

Step 5: Print label & ship package 

After you have created your label you will need a thermal or regular ink printer to print your label. You can tape your labels or use sticky label paper to attach label to package. Be sure to update your customer with tracking and drop your package off at the post office or drop box. You can even schedule pickups with USPS. 

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